even the greats make stupid mistakes – dominic miller’s ridiculous audition with sting

One of the great musical collaborations of recent times had quite a funny origin. Sting and Dominic Miller created incredible songs together, including Fields of Gold, and Shape Of My Heart. But Miller almost screwed it up. He was a musician in London at the time, and got invited to audition with Sting, who at … Read more

rick rubin on staying open to creative clues (and the making of system of a down’s chop suey)

It was the year 2001, and System of a Down were working on Chop Suey—which would become one of their most iconic songs. Serj, the songwriter, didn’t have words for a certain section of the song. He was in the library of his producer at the time, Rick Rubin, and Rubin told him: ”Pick some … Read more

cutthroat by imagine dragons

I really got into this album by Imagine Dragons, and the song Cutthroad is another amazing song, very unique, raw and original in its own way. It’s violent and aggressive. Here’s what Dan Reynolds said about the song: This is a song about the desire I’ve had over the past few years to rid myself … Read more

giants by imagine dragons

Another deeply moving song by Imagine Dragons from the album Mercury Act 1. This one is about Dan Reynolds’ struggles with addiction: Giants. There’s a rawness to the song and the lyrics are beautifully poetic. There’s the gentle, loving care of a father in there that you here in his voice in the verses ”If … Read more

Wrecked by Imagine Dragons

Every once in a while I like to post a song here that I came across and that moved me. Wrecked by Imagine Dragons felt so real and raw, and I think anyone who lost a love one will feel it. Days pass by and my eyes stay dry, and I think that I’m okay‘Til … Read more