trust the process

Every creative has heard, and maybe at some point spoken these words at some point: trust the process. I surely have. I still do. It’s beautiful, and it feels deeply true to me. But there’s also the flipside to that coin: is this the artist’s equivalent of believing in Santa Claus? Maybe it’s beautiful and … Read more

creativity images

Many people associate creativity with something visual, and so I thought it would be an interesting exercise to see visual representations of creativity, and offer them as free images to use for any purpose whatsoever. You can use all of these images for your own creative projects, I’ve made them available under a Creative Commons … Read more

the development of cubism: picasso & braque


I’ve always liked cubism, but I was most familiar with Picasso’s work. What I didn’t know was that the development of cubism was really a creative collaboration between two artists. While Picasso gained incredible fame and wealth, and became indeed the first celebrity artist, the other one is largely forgotten outside of the art world: … Read more

the power of a creative journal: why you should make creative journaling part of your practice

creative journaling

You become creative by practicing creativity consistently. And a creative journal will build your creative muscles day after day. You’ll become a more confident artist and develop deeper trust in your own abilities. In this article we’ll cover what a creative journal is, why it’s worth doing, how to find the right way of doing … Read more

what does creativity mean to you?

painting of a creative woman holding a brush in front of a painting

There are hundreds of definitions of creativity, and many of them are valid. There’s no singular “correct” definition of creativity—the purpose of this article is thus is to help you find the answer to the following question: What does creativity mean to you personally? In this article, we’ll look at common definitions of creativity, and … Read more

Too Many Ideas? 11 Ways to Regain Focus and Get Shit Done

Are you one of these people who have 37 new ideas every day? An unstoppable idea machine full of overflowing creativity—but also challenged when it comes to actually getting things done? Welcome to the TMIS club! TMIS stands for Too Many Ideas Syndrome, and while that’s not actually a real thing, it’s still real enough … Read more

Creative Expression: The Key to a More Fulfilled & Authentic Life?

creative expression

Creativity is not a special talent, reserved for creators or artistic geniuses. Everybody can be creative. In fact, if you don’t have outlets for creative expression in your life, you’re not living up to your full potential, whether it’s in your professional or personal life. Creative expression is ultimately about showing up as your true … Read more