77 positive journaling prompts to level up your life

writing in journal

Positive journaling prompts are an incredible tool for building a more positive mindset and unlocking a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. As you put pen to paper, each word becomes a key that opens doors to personal growth and self-reflection. In this article, we will delve into the benefits, best practices, … Read more

creative journal ideas

creative journal ideas

In a world filled with blank pages and untold stories, there exists a realm where creativity reigns supreme. It is a place where imagination knows no bounds, where thoughts transform into vibrant strokes of color, and where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. It is, of course, your creative journal—and in this post, you’ll find creative journal … Read more

longhand writing

longhand writing

Paul Auster. Neil Gaiman. David Foster Wallace. Susan Sontag. J.K. Rowling. James Patterson. They all wrote longhand. (And of course all the greats of literature that lived before the invention of the typewriter in the 19th century.) As the world changed, so did the way we communicate. What was once done in longhand writing with … Read more

the power of a creative journal: why you should make creative journaling part of your practice

creative journaling

You become creative by practicing creativity consistently. And a creative journal will build your creative muscles day after day. You’ll become a more confident artist and develop deeper trust in your own abilities. In this article we’ll cover what a creative journal is, why it’s worth doing, how to find the right way of doing … Read more

stephen pressfield & ryan holiday on creative work, writing, and resistance

Steven Pressfield and Ryan Holiday at The Painted Porch Bookshop

Ryan Holiday recently published a conversation between him and Stephen Pressfield. Right from the get go, they touch on an interesting subject: Ryan had a day where he wasn’t feeling well, and struggled to get into a writing groove. But he sat down and wrote anyway, and it turned out to be one of the … Read more