Steven Pressfield

Steven Pressfield

Steven Pressfield’s book The War of Art has been so influential to my life and my pursuit of prolific practice, that I naturally went down a Pressfield rabbit hole, reading nearly everything written by the man himself, a lot written about him, and watched dozens of interviews. The more I learned about him, the more … Read more

the best writing advice Steven Pressfield has ever gotten

Black and white painting of a writer sitting at desk typing

If you’re getting nowhere with your art, and you’re seriously wondering whether you’re just making a fool out of your self with your quixotic quest, here’s a bit of advice bestselling author Steven Pressfield received when he was in his fourties. Pressfield had been pursuing his dream of being a writer for almost 30 years … Read more

stephen pressfield & ryan holiday on creative work, writing, and resistance

Steven Pressfield and Ryan Holiday at The Painted Porch Bookshop

Ryan Holiday recently published a conversation between him and Stephen Pressfield. Right from the get go, they touch on an interesting subject: Ryan had a day where he wasn’t feeling well, and struggled to get into a writing groove. But he sat down and wrote anyway, and it turned out to be one of the … Read more

Writing Is Lonely? No, Says Steven Pressfield

“Is the writing process fundamentally lonely?” is a question Lex Fridman asked Steven Pressfield in an interview. I loved his answer: No, because you’re with your characters. […] My desk used to face the wall, and people would say: Don’t you want to look out the window?” But I’m in here, I’m seeing the spartans. … Read more

Not Enough Time for Your Creative Pursuits? You Need to Hear Steven Pressfield’s Truth Bomb

Can you pursue your dream when you’ve got a full-time job, a family to take care of, and other responsibilities? I personally have postponed pursuing my dream for these and similar reasons for many years, and when I heard Steven Pressfield and Marie Forleo discuss this, their take resonated strongly with me. It’s actually based … Read more