how to embrace yourself: the journey of creative self-love

a painting of a man embracing himself in the mirror

This is one of the hardest, but also most difficult, things in life: to embrace yourself. It’s difficult not just because it’s hard to embrace yourself, it’s difficult because you don’t really know who you are. With every unfolding moment of your life, you discover something new about yourself, and sometimes the older you get, … Read more

Make Time For What Matters

Make time for what matters. Because if you don’t, your life will be wasted on things that don’t matter. The sooner you learn this lesson, the better. You worry so much about making mistakes, failing, being ridiculed, being broke, losing. The truth is, all those things matter way less than you think if you spend … Read more

Self-Awareness Exercise: Getting to Know a Protector

We’ll share many self-awareness exercises in here, their respective advantages and disadvantages, why it’s worth doing them, and much more. But before we go into all that, let me share one of my favorite self-awareness exercises with you. It’s called Getting to Know a Protector, and I discovered it in Richard Schwartz‘s fantastic book No … Read more

The Best Self-Awareness Quotes From the World’s Greatest Minds Throughout History

Self-awareness is one of the most important factors to living a truly fulfilled life—a life worth living. We often spend so much time trying to make our way in the world around us, when the truth path we need to wander is really within us: getting to know ourselves. Truly becoming self-aware. Many great minds … Read more