turn pain into art

Painting of the eyes of an artist who turned pain into art

We all hurt. We all feel pain. I sure know I do, and if you’re reading this and you think you’re not, then you’re kidding yourself. (Or you’re enlightened, but then why the heck would you be reading this?) That’s not to say that life can’t be beautiful. I love life. But the pain is … Read more

go on your creative healing journey

Woodcut of a long winding road through the mountains symbolizing a healing journey

We’re all on a healing journey. Healing from past traumas, healing from unresolved pain, healing from the wounds inflicted upon us and the scars of fear they left behind in our psyche. There are destructive and creative forces at work within each of us—and more proactively engaging with those creative energies is ultimately what will … Read more

confessions of a recovering perfectionist

woodcut representing perfectionism

I’m a somewhat weird creature. At times, I’m absolutely perfectionistic. Other times, I’m the exact opposite: seemingly careless and inattentive. It’s a very odd combination, paradoxical, but when did human beings ever make sense? But let’s look at the perfectionism first, and why I consider myself a recovering perfectionist. The thing about perfectionism is that … Read more

how to handle feelings of inadequacy

abstract depiction of feelings of inadequacy

I don’t know where my own feelings of inadequacy come from, but I know they’ve been with me from an early age. As I’ve grown older and evolved as a person, these feelings, too, have evolved, and expressed themselves through different manifestations. I no longer feel inadequate about the things that made me feel inadequate … Read more

tired of the emotional rollercoaster? here’s how to get off

colorful painting of an emotional roller coaster

Life sometimes feels like an emotional rollercoaster—a rollercoaster you can’t get off. You’re stuck in that ride, in a seemingly endless procession of ups and downs that leaves you feeling nauseous and exhausted after a while. Maybe you often act unreasonable, or you repeatedly do things you later regret. If things get too overwhelming, your … Read more