the power of a creative journal: why you should make creative journaling part of your practice

creative journaling

You become creative by practicing creativity consistently. And a creative journal will build your creative muscles day after day. You’ll become a more confident artist and develop deeper trust in your own abilities. In this article we’ll cover what a creative journal is, why it’s worth doing, how to find the right way of doing … Read more

what does creativity mean to you?

painting of a creative woman holding a brush in front of a painting

There are hundreds of definitions of creativity, and many of them are valid. There’s no singular “correct” definition of creativity—the purpose of this article is thus is to help you find the answer to the following question: What does creativity mean to you personally? In this article, we’ll look at common definitions of creativity, and … Read more

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami Book Summary

A light and easy-going book where Haruki Murakami shares his thoughts on running and writing, and how they’re intertwined for him. It’s a weirdly intimate book, because on the one hand, he talks about running and writing, neither of which are that personal in itself, but on the other hand, he very much gives you … Read more

Too Many Ideas? 11 Ways to Regain Focus and Get Shit Done

Are you one of these people who have 37 new ideas every day? An unstoppable idea machine full of overflowing creativity—but also challenged when it comes to actually getting things done? Welcome to the TMIS club! TMIS stands for Too Many Ideas Syndrome, and while that’s not actually a real thing, it’s still real enough … Read more

Creative Expression: The Key to a More Fulfilled & Authentic Life?

creative expression

Creativity is not a special talent, reserved for creators or artistic geniuses. Everybody can be creative. In fact, if you don’t have outlets for creative expression in your life, you’re not living up to your full potential, whether it’s in your professional or personal life. Creative expression is ultimately about showing up as your true … Read more

Creativity is our true nature

I’m currently reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, and right in the beginning of the book, she says she believes that creativity is our true nature. That resonated strongly with me. I believe it is true for me: creativity is my true nature. At least it’s a core part of me. I don’t know … Read more

Writing Is Lonely? No, Says Steven Pressfield

“Is the writing process fundamentally lonely?” is a question Lex Fridman asked Steven Pressfield in an interview. I loved his answer: No, because you’re with your characters. […] My desk used to face the wall, and people would say: Don’t you want to look out the window?” But I’m in here, I’m seeing the spartans. … Read more

Not Enough Time for Your Creative Pursuits? You Need to Hear Steven Pressfield’s Truth Bomb

Can you pursue your dream when you’ve got a full-time job, a family to take care of, and other responsibilities? I personally have postponed pursuing my dream for these and similar reasons for many years, and when I heard Steven Pressfield and Marie Forleo discuss this, their take resonated strongly with me. It’s actually based … Read more